If your team has received an Unconditional Advancement Letter to the Final Round, please review the Final Round Itinerary and select from the below options for pricing & availability. 

Please review all of the below information carefully and scroll down to the registration options in SECTION C (Selection of Accommodation Package).

Please address all queries and notices to You may copy and

A. Accommodation Arrangements

NIBC 2018-2019 will be hosted in one of the most luxurious 5-star hotels in Vancouver. We are keen to provide competitors with cost-effective accommodation options that suit their personal preferences and budgets. 

  • We have negotiated discounted rates for standard packages (duration/room capacity) with the hotel and offer these packages to competitors to select from.
  • For teams with mixed female and male members, we also pair up male and female team members into male-only and female-only rooms with other teams if requested.
  • Once each team member has selected their accommodation preferences, we prepare a master rooming list for the hotel assigning each competitor to a room.
  • Each competing team will have one room dedicated to their team for the resolution period even if some members are staying in other rooms based on their package selection.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All rooming preferences and packages must be selected by Sunday Noon, March 17th (PST).

B. Explanation of Accommodation Options

Please carefully review the below standard packages to ensure you and your team can check-in seamlessly and enjoy your stay.

  • You may choose between two standard durations for your stay comprising either 3 night or 4 nights. Select competitors will be invited to an optional interview and networking around on Day 3 (Friday, March 15th) which will end at 4pm. This officially concludes the NIBC Final Round, although we typically facilitate other activities for competitors wishing to experience more of Vancouver.
  • The default accommodation provided is QUAD-capacity (4) with 2 beds per room, which requires you to share a bed with another person.
  • You may choose DUAL capacity (2) per room for an extra charge, although the cost increase is considerable as we must book an extra room for your team.  
  • You may also choose SINGLE capacity (1) but must email us in advance (see below)
  • If you wish to extend your stay for longer, please email us and we will try to assist (see below)

KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Please familiarize yourself with the below when selecting your package:

  • Ideally, we request that you should purchase the correct package from the start.
  • However, if you first purchase a 3-day option with quad capacity, you may upgrade to a 4-day option or dual capacity afterwards, which will be reflected in your account as well as the rooming list provided to the hotel.  
  • If you make a mistake and wish to cancel an option, you may do so, but must email us in order to receive a refund.  
  • We request that your entire team (if QUAD capacity) or roommate (if DUAL capacity) chooses the same duration as you, as we would otherwise have to move you to a different room for the 4th night or move someone else to your room.
  • If you choose DUAL capacity, we generally request that everyone on your team registers for the DUAL capacity option, as we would otherwise have to pair you up with someone from another team in your own room and place a member from another team with your 3 remaining team members in their room.
  • If you choose SINGLE capacity, please send us an email with your team name and school and letting us know what duration and capacity options you and your other team members have selected; we will send you an appropriate payment link.
  • If your team consist of 3 females/1 male or 1 female/3 males, we will customarily assign the 1 male or 1 female in a separate female-only or male-only room to avoid sharing one bed unless you inform us otherwise. There may be some slight logistical conveniences on the resolution day (DAY 1 / 6am start) if all team members stay in one room. 
  • If your team consist of 2 females/2 males we will pair you up with another team into a female-only and male-only room only if requested; please us an email. 

PORTAL ACCESS: Temporary loss of access to training portal

  • Please note your training access to the First Round materials on the NIBC Live portal will be temporarily disabled after your register for the Final Round
  • We are currently putting together some content for the Final Round and will restore your full access to the site once completed.

C. Selection of Accommodation Options

Prices are shown in USD. Please select from the below.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Unless facing extenuating circumstances (please email us), competition teams should attempt to register all team members under the same option.

DATES & CHECKOUT: Please note that NIBC has limited rooms for DAY 4 and reserves the nights only for External Competitors (out of town).

  • 3-Nights Option: Tuesday Night, March 12th – Thursday Night, March 14th (departure Friday March, 15th)
  • 4-Nights Option: Tuesday Night, March 12th – Friday Night, March 15th (departure Saturday March, 16th)
  • Check-In/Check-Out: 4pm on the day or arrival and 12pm on the day of departure

HOTEL ROOM CHARGES: Prices are shown in USD. Students from Canadian schools will be provided with prices in CAD upon signing in or selecting their respective school.

  • Base: Base level for 3-nights QUAD capacity including most meals and conference & competition fees is $300 per person + 12% hotel taxes & service charge ($335 total)
  • Additional Night: Additional $50 per night assuming QUAD capacity
  • Upgrade from QUAD to DUAL: Additional $50 per night per team member
  • Upgrade from QUAD to SINGLE: Additional $150-200 per night (please email with the duration and capacity for yourself and your team members as your team must cover your share of the team room (QUAD) plus the additional room (SINGLE) unless other members have also registered for DUAL or SINGLE capacity)
(1)  3-Nights: QUAD $335 (Link)
(2)  3-Nights: DUAL $485 (Link)
(3)  3-Nights: Upgrade QUAD to DUAL   $150 (Link)
(4)  4-Nights: QUAD $385 (Link)
(5)  4-Nights: DUAL $585 (Link)
(6)  4-Nights: Upgrade QUAD to DUAL $200 (Link)
(7)  Switch 3-Nights QUAD to 4-Nights QUAD   $50 (Link)
(8)  Switch 3-Nights DUAL to 4-Nights DUAL $100 (Link)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: For (7) and (8) please do not switch from QUAD to DUAL or vice versa. You may only switch at the same capacity you were registered under previously. You can then upgrade using option (6). 

As mentioned, if your team consist of 2 females / 2 males, please let us know if you would like to be paired up in female-only and male-only rooms with another team; we will otherwise assign your team to one room. If your team consist of 1 female / 3 males or 3 females / 1 male, we will customarily pair up your team members in  female-only and male-only rooms with other teams unless you inform us otherwise. There may be some slight logistical conveniences on the resolution day (DAY 1 / 6am start) if all team members stay in one room. 

Please send all emails to You may copy and

SINGLE capacity Please email us duration and capacity of yourself and all team members so we can determine the appropriate price for you.
Extension of Stay Please first sign up for 3 or 4 days along with your team and emails us your desired stay, so we can try to assist you.
Restart Registration  Please cancel your order and email us for a refund and start over with the correct registration option.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All requests are subject to capacity and must be made before Sunday Noon, February 17th (PST) which is the hotel cut-off date unless for emergencies.