Please review the Final Round Conference Invitation and select from the below options for pricing & availability. Please note that Conference registration is open to Competitors who participated in the First Round and Graduate and Undergraduate students currently enrolled part-time or full-time in post-secondary education programs.

If you are not currently a student and are interested in attending or for all other queries, please email 


  • The principal goal of the NIBC Conference is to bring together an extraordinary group of individuals looking to develop their finance careers and deliver an unforgettable experience. 
  • Whether you are looking to test your skills, learn about investment banking, meet recruiters or build an international network of peers in finance, the NIBC team is committed to helping you achieving these goals. Upon registration you will receive access to Final Round Training Materials to prepare for the Case Simulation.


  • Deadline: Please be reminded all registrations must be submitted before Friday, March 10th, 2019 so we can finalize the rooming list and Gala Dinner seating. We note that capacity for Conference Guests is limited this year due to the high competitor count and we will be assigning available spots (50-75 spots) on a first-come-first-serve basis. Early-bird pricing will apply to the first 50 spots (see below).
  • Preparation & Packing List: Please make sure you bring your laptop on Day 1 Wednesday, March 13th 2019 so you can participate in the Case Simulation. The dress code is strictly business formal. You are you not required to have a laptop on Day 2 Thursday, March 14th 2019. If you are unable to bring a change of clothes for after the Gala Dinner, you may dress in evening formal.
  • Training: Please review the Final Round Training Materials page for critical resources on preparing for the Case Simulation and Final Round.


  • Day 1 | Wednesday, March 13th 2019: Start: 8-9am / End: 10-11pm
  • Day 2 | Thursday, March 14th 2019: Start: 8-9am / End: 10-12am
  • Day 3 | Friday, March 15th 2019: Start: 1pm / End: 4pm (note this is optional and by invitation only for interview candidates)


Please note the following logistical items for the Conference. Important Notice: Please do not register for any of the ‘Competition’ registration options as you will not be eligible to attend the event. If you did not advanced to the Final Round or did not compete in NIBC 2018-2019, you must purchase a Conference Guest Ticket to attend the Conference.

  • The Conference program officially starts at 9am on Day 1, Wednesday, March 13th 2019 at the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver with the Case Simulation. Please note that NIBC has reserved some limited additional rooms for Conference Guests looking to stay at the hotel. If the number of rooms requested by Conference Guests exceeds the number of available rooms, preference will be given to out of town guests.
  • Conference Guests from out of town wishing to book accommodation at the Pan Pacific Hotel (through NIBC or directly), need to book the 3-Nights Accommodation Option and should arrive on Day 0, Tuesday, March 12th 2019. If you wish to extend your stay or come earlier, please register for the 3-Nights Accommodation Option.and make any additional arrangements directly with the hotel on your own. Please let know about your arrangements, so we can reflect this in the rooming list.
  • Most local Conference Guests can typically commute to the hotel venue in the morning and do not need to book accommodation at the hotel. For local Conference Guest who wish to stay at the hotel, they may register for the 2-Nights Accommodation Option which is for the night of Day 1, Wednesday, March 13th 2019 and Day 2, Thursday March 14th 2019. You may want to select this option if you wish to maximize the amount of time spent at the event downtown and getting to know peers. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Since capacity at the hotel is limited, we are only able to reserve a limited number of hotel rooms for local Conference Guests. If this is limit is exceeded, we reserve the right to refund the registration fee for local Conference Guests and exchange it for a ticket without accommodation.

KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Please familiarize yourself with the below when selecting your package

  • Please carefully review the options and make sure you choose the correct option.
  • You may select between QUAD capacity (4 people per room with two beds) or Dual capacity (2 people per room with two beds). If you wish to book a SINGLE capacity room, please book with the hotel directly and
  • If you make a mistake and wish to cancel an option, you may do so, but must email us in order to receive a refund.  
  • All Conference Guests will be allocated to female-only or male-only rooms on the rooming list, no exceptions. 
  • You will be paired with your team mates from the First Round for the rooming list and Case Simulation if logistically possible.  

PORTAL ACCESS: Temporary loss of access to training portal

  • Please note your training access to the First Round materials on the NIBC Live portal will be temporarily disabled after your register for the Final Round
  • We are currently putting together some content for the Final Round and will restore your full access to the site once completed.

B. Selection of Accommodation Options

  • (1) Conference Guest Ticket – No Accommodation: The ticket price for the Conference without accommodation arranged by NIBC is $120 Early Bird / $160 Regular + 12% Tax & Hotel Surcharge ($135 / $180 total). The Early-Bird Price will automatically update to Regular Price once the first 50 tickets have signed up. 
  • (2) – (5) Conference Guest Ticket with Accommodation: Please follow the link to see the latest pricing available for hotel accommodation and review the instructions.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are a Sauder Student, please contact for available school subsidies. 
(1)  Conference Ticket – No Accommodation price at checkout (Link)
(2)  Conference Ticket 3-Nights (External) – QUAD price at checkout (Link)
(3)  Conference Guest Ticket 3-Nights (External) – DUAL price at checkout (Link)
(4)  Conference Guest Ticket 2-Nights (Local) – QUAD price at checkout (Link)
(5)  Conference Guest Ticket 2-Nights (Local) – DUAL price at checkout (Link)

If you wish to extend your stay, please register for the 3-day options above and book additional nights directly with the hotel on your own. If you wish to book SINGLE room capacity, please register for the ticket without accommodation and book accommodation with the hotel directly. In either case, please let know so she can reflect this in the rooming list.

For more information, please review the Final Round Conference Invitation.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All registrations must be made before Friday, March 10th (PST) which is the hotel cut-off date.